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Old, tattered, and maybe a bit strange-smelling, this hat is the must-have wardrobe accessory to COMPLETELY DETERMINE YOUR FUTURE. Just kidding, but it does take a stroll through your mind and figures out the best house where you'll be the best you possible! OOCly, this is where you will post up your application so our stellar admin team can sort you and get your started on your Hexed journey!
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Needs friends? Enemies? Significant others? The plotting forum is a great place to start! Post up a plotter so others can get to know your kids, and take a look at others to see what kind of interesting characters you can meet!

Ranking is a fun and rewarding way to help develop your character! As your writing and character develop, move up the ranks both for personal pride... and those sweet, sweet points!
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This is a catchall forum for all things related to characters! Whether you want to create moodboards and do some character development exercises, write some notes for your guys and gals, or just need a place to jot something down, this forum is here to meet all your needs.
Riley King Aug 13 2018, 09:26 PM
Welcome to a night without stars. Where only infinite darkness lurks until the light of day chases it away.
The most magical place on Earth.

Welcome to Avalon! Avalon is a large magical-themed amusement park that is located over several of the islands that comprise the Summer Isles in Scotland. The different islands are accessible by boat rides which can be considered an attraction of their own. Originally meant to cater only to magical visitors, it was opened to up to the Muggle world in the 1990s. Now a park catering to Muggle and magical alike, it is a place where truly anything can happen.
With a secret entrance accessible from the dungeons, the boat house is where all the boats used by the first years to cross the Black Lake are kept. However, if one if looking for a boat that's not already charmed to simply go back and forth, there might be one or two shoved to the back. Be careful, they're likely old and unreliable - and who knows what charms have been cast on them.
"And power-hungry Slytherin
Loved those of great ambition."

In the lowest level of the castle, you can find the pit of snakes, the home of the Slytherins - that is, if you know where the secret entrance is, and if you know the password. If you manage to make it inside, you'll find the common room to be rather stiff and uninviting. The walls are entirely stoned, with ornate engravings. The seating is more decorative than comfortable, and the entire room is cased in a hazy green flow from the lanterns above. There is one large, round window that looks into the Black Lake, casting a wavy pattern of light to sprawl across the room during the day. There are two hallways, leading to the boys' and girls' dorms.
"For Hufflepuff, hard workers were
Most worthy of admission."

The Hufflepuff basements are a far cry from the other dormitory on this floor. The badger have always been known for coziness and comfort and their den is no different. If you can manage to tap out the correct cadence on the barrels outside the common room, you'll find a round room, bathed in yellow light. The couches and chairs are soft and comfy, and there are plants adorning the walls and hanging from the low-ceiling. Sunlight pours in from round windows, creating the perfect nap environment.
Isabelle Grimm Jun 20 2018, 10:17 AM
Hidden behind a portrait of a bowl of fruit, all one has to do is tickle the pear to gain access to the Hogwarts kitchens. Here you can find house elves rushing to prepare all the meals for the school. They're always happy to oblige a hungry student and so long as you don't get in the way, they're more than happy to let you cook something yourself.
Kala Faraji Jul 25 2018, 09:16 AM
A large expansive room filled wall to wall with books on almost every magical subject you could possibly imagine. Of course, some of the more... interesting magic can be found in the restricted section, but you'll need special permission to get to those. There are tables everywhere for students to use but if you want to discuss what you're reading, you'll want to take a trip to the study room instead.
Sometimes the hustle and bustle of the dorms and common rooms is too much for a student - but sometimes the library requires too much silence. The study room is a perfect balance between silence and noise, allowing students to discuss and exchange knowledge, do their homework, and prepare for exams together.
Felix Wolfhard Jul 12 2018, 08:42 AM
This room is impossible to find unless you're specifically needing it's services and once it appears it gives you whatever you need. Need to practice quidditch but the pitch is booked? The Room of Requirement has you. Want to take a nap in a hammock under a shady tree? The Room of Requirement has you. Need to hide some sort of contraband somewhere no one will ever find it? The Room of Requirement has it. It's the real MVP.
Just because magic exists doesn't mean no one ever gets hurt. In fact, thanks to magic, people find more creative ways to hurt themselves. Luckily, our hospital matron is more than capable of dealing with all sorts of magical maladies, be it a bad potion, a spell-gone-wrong, an attack by a magical plant or animal, or just mundane problems like scrapes and allergies.
Tsk, tsk, tsk, you've broken the rules, haven't you? Well, rules exist for a reason and you can't just go breaking them all willy nilly. Though some professors and staff like to use more creative methods of punishment, the general punishment is just to spend your Saturday morning sitting in the detention room. Hopefully you don't have a quidditch game to get to!
While the Great Hall can easily be transfigured and decorated to fit any occasion, sometimes an event just needs a little extra oomph. This grand, circular shaped room boasts impossibly high ceilings that are easily charmed to display images and pictures for every theme imaginable. Enter from the top of a grand staircase with the spotlight shining down on you, and descend with a graceful wave just like all those princes and princesses you see in movies. When the school isn't holding any events here, it's also a beautiful, empty space to be alone with your own thoughts.
Ishan Rao Jul 12 2018, 07:54 AM
This Hall is primarily used for dining, but it's also where every new student is sorted, as well as being the location for a number of events throughout the school year. Be sure to pop in for breakfast, lunch and dinner and socialize with your friends - or hurriedly copy last night's homework before History of Magic.
You're a Gryffindor, but your bestie is in Hufflepuff? That's the worst! How are you supposed to lounge around on a couch with them? Well, lucky for you, the student lounge boasts all the same comforts of any house common room - decorated gaudily in ALL the house colors - allowing you to spend time with your friends, no matter what house they're in.
Ningal Amar-Sin Aug 11 2018, 09:16 AM
Guarded safely behind a password-protected door, the Hogwarts Staff Room is the place for teachers to gather and socialize. With silencing charms cast on the door, it offers a slight reprieve from the maddening clamor of the students. It is also where the morning staff meetins are held, alerting all professors and staff to any goings-on they need to be aware of.
Welcome to Hogwarts! The Entrance Hall is the first look at Hogwarts that first years get and it is incredible. Ornately decorated with statues, tapestries, and painting, the entrance hall houses the doorway to the Great Hall, as well as the Grand Staircase leading to other parts of the castle.
Dracon Yaxley Aug 5 2018, 08:51 AM
The only way to get to and from classes, dorms, and leisure spots, the corridors are either bustling with activity or completely empty. You can find students walking with their friends, couples canoodling in the corner, and teachers trying to hurry students along. If you're roaming these corridors outside of class, you better have a good reason or make sure you don't get caught!
Petra Connor May 29 2018, 10:18 PM
Charmed by Rowena Ravenclaw herself, the staircases of Hogwarts move on their own accord, not caring at all whether you've got less than a minute to get to class and it just shifted away from the corridor you need to get to. The steps have a habit of turning into slides, and watch out for the trick step - gosh, it's almost as if no one cares that these stairways are meant to actually get people places.
Vance Ellsworth Jul 18 2018, 04:14 AM
A large square area outside of the castle decorated with statues, flowering plants and large stone benches, the courtyard is an ideal place for friends to congregate when the weather is nice. If you're looking for an inspiring place to get some homework done, there's no better place than the great outdoors.
Paisley Noir Jun 12 2018, 02:15 PM
One would have to be incredibly naive to think that there are no secrets in Hogwarts - and look how clever - or lucky? - you are to have found one of the many secret passages the school hides. Where does it begin and where does it lead? Well, you'll have to do a little exploring to find that out, won't you?
Sure, the towers have nice views, but if you really want the best view the castle has to offer, consider this balcony on the fourth floor. Wide and made of strong strong with a shiny great balustrade, the balcony is a lovely place to look over all of the Hogwarts grounds - the greenhouses, the forbidden forest, and the quidditch pitch - and if you turn around, you can see the Black Lake, a wide expanse of lawn and Hogsmeade village in the distance. It's a great place to take a real special someone or just get some alone time.
Harry Berkwood Jun 14 2018, 12:19 PM
What makes attics so lonely? If you stumble around enough, eventually one of the towers will lead you into the attic. Dusty and covered in cobwebs, the question isn't what will you find amidst these forgotten treasures and memories, but won't won't you find? If you're not looking for something, you could also always leave something of your own here for safekeeping, but don't forget about it later on.
Aaliyah Vega May 29 2018, 12:30 PM
Here students and professors can find all the bits and bobs they need to make a classroom work perfectly. From shrunken extra desks to extra chalk, to inkwell and parchment for the particularly undersupplied student, just abount anything can be found in this supply closet. Be careful though, the door has a habit of closing behind people and the lock can be rather tricky to get open.
Paisley Noir Apr 30 2018, 10:24 AM
Huh. A broom closet. In a school where any mess can be cleaned up with magic and so far away from the quidditch pitch where a broom closet would be useful. I wonder what sort of shenanigans students could get up to if they happened to get themselves locked in here - maybe with someone they hate... or someone they don't ;)
Hogwarts has never lacked awards to hand out to the students and staff of the school, and the trophy room is where all the accolades of the past go to die - uh, be celebrated, I mean. Golden cups and bronze plaques, all engraved with names that sound strange and familiar all the same. Perhaps a student in need of motivation could find some inspiration around the greatness of former students.
Here is where the staff and professors keep all their important documents and things in order. When they aren't teaching or sleeping or eating, they are probably here working on grading or keeping up with other duties. Try not to be too noisy or disruptive here; your chances of receiving detention are significantly higher here.
In spite of what you think, the staff are people outside of working hours. An outrageous thought, but it's true. The staff dormitories are where the staff members sleep and do just about everything they would like to do in private. Each member has their own individual room and bathroom in this corridor. To access them, you'll need to find the statue of a sleeping dragon and tickle it in the correct place. If you tickle it in the wrong place, beware! You may be singed.
Congrats! You've been chosen as prefect! It's a lot of work and quite a bit of additional duties, but as a sweet reward, you get a bathroom all to yourself - well, yourself and the other prefects. The password-protected room contains a large bathing pool with a number of golden taps containing lovely smelling soaps, oils, and various bath mix-ins to make for a relaxing bath time. Of course, if someone happened to get the password, they could enjoy this luxury too.
Lexi de Montcada May 23 2018, 06:43 AM
Why do girls always go to the bathroom in groups? Well, it's so you don't get attacked by a basilisk! Of course, nothing like that has ever happened here at Hogwarts, so it's really just a precautionary measure. This bathroom contains numerous toilets and sinks as well a long mirrored vanity to allow multiple girls the opportunity to prepare their appearance for the day.
Ugh, boys' bathrooms. Well, everyone's got to go, after all, and this boy's bathroom provides all the necessary amenities for them, including toilets, sinks and mirrors so the boys can make sure they look totally fresh. Just uh... try to ignore the smell. The house elves do their best, but there's only so much that can be done...
Oh my, you must have taken quite a few wrong turns to end up here. No one knows what this dungeon was used for or why it was abandoned, but if you can get past the strange noises and the strangely overwhelming darkness, it could be an interesting place to explore.
Where are you? You swore it was supposed to be a left at the last statue, but now you've absolutely no idea what part of the castle this is. Maybe double back to find your way? Or peek outside a window and figure out what side you're on? Regardless of what you do, good luck lest you stumble upon anything less than desirable...
Kala Faraji May 24 2018, 10:08 PM
The words on the sign at the fork of the road had faded with time so you're not entirely sure where you're going. But that's okay! Sometimes it's better when you don't know where you're going, simply because it's exciting to see where you'll end up.
Not every classroom is in use constantly, and sometimes it's easy to find one that's empty. What can you do with an empty classroom? Well, you can practice your spells or spend some alone time with a special someone - whatever you do, make sure you don't get caught doing something that could get you sent straight to detention.
No one really knows why people stopped using this bathroom, but rumors of ghosts, ghouls and poltergeists have plagued this poor bathroom for almost a decade. Anyone who knows what happened there is long gone. If you're feeling particularly brave, feel free to pop in and enjoy the peace and quiet of using a bathroom all by yourself.
This tower likely held a purpose at some point once upon a time, but it's purpose - and therefore its care - have been lost to the pages of history. Some steps are crumbling away, the floors dusty and covered in leaves, the corners littered with cobwebs. Every now and then an industrious student comes and cleans everything away, repairing it to its former glory, but it's not long before it returns to its state of disrepair - almost as if it wants to be left alone.
An advanced course dealing with the basic elements of nature - fire, water, air, and earth - as well as the transmutation of elements into something beyond the original basic four. This class is really difficult so may the odds be ever in your favor. Wait, wrong genre.
A class dedicated to the study of ancient runic texts. In this class, student will learn how to translate runes into common tongue and learn their magical secrets!
This class is entirely theory-based and very little practical magic is involved. Astronomy is the study of the stars and planets and their movements and how they relate to magic as a whole.
The most to the point class name, Care of Magical Creatures is where you learn about magical creatures and the best way to care for them. Don't expect to see any exceptionally dangerous animals in this class - that's better suited for your Defense class.
This class is dedicated to the study of spells that specifically add properties to an object or creature, such as movement or color. People think it's a soft area of magic, but when your house is a mess after a party, you'll be glad you learned those cleaning charms!
With all sorts of nasty beasties and spells out there in the magical world, Defense Against the Dark Arts is the class where you can learn how to best combat the dark forces out in the world.
Often considered the most unreliable branch of magic, Divination teaches young witches and wizard various methods of diving the future from cleromancy to taromancy to pyromancy... Let's just stay away from the necromancy for now.
Oliver Lancaster Jun 13 2018, 09:49 PM
Brooms! No one really knows why we decided to hop on a broom to take to the sky, but hey, it works. It's one of those weirdly pervasive things that muggles have picked up on, but we like it. You'll learn to fly just fine here. Maybe you'll even make the quidditch team! Not likely, but hey, someone's got to!
Broken a bone or need a tooth fixed and don't know how to do it yourself? Instead of waiting for the Hospital Matron and healers to fix your problems for you, get a headstart on a future career at St. Mungo's Hospital by learning the healing magic yourself. Healing is branch of magic every student should learn in case of an emergency; after all, you never know when even first aid spells might save someone's life in the future.

More than just a gardening class, Herbology is the ideal place for those with a penchant for plants, those who can tame a wild Tentacula and not get roped by the Devil's Snare. Not only do students learn how to best take care of magical flora, they also learn the uses for each plant at their disposal. Be wary of that Fanged Geranium, will you?
Those who don't know history are doomed to repeat it. But then again is anyone really expecting the goblins to revolt again? They control our money, come on. But learning about the History of Magic is an important class, so please do pay attention and try not to fall asleep....again.
Are you a muggle looking for an easy grade? A pureblood looking to tick off mommy and daddy by learning about those gross muggles? Either way, you're in for a surprise, because you're learning what wizards think about muggles and that's quite a bit different than what muggle actually are.
None of this foolish wand-waving for Potions. This class is all about precise measurements and perfect timing, so those of you who like to wing it are going to find themselves burning down the entire school if you're not careful. Be sure to show up focused and ready to do thing correctly.
Transfiguration - somewhat like alchemy - is the study of manipulation of matter, whether it be altering one subject, changing it to something completely different, or in a strange way the really breaks all the known rules of physics, completely conjuring things out of thin air!
The forest on the outskirts of the Hogwarts Grounds has always been off-limits to students considering the dangerous beasties that call it home like centaurs, werewolves, trolls, and bowtruckles (yes, they are dangerous. Let one stab your eye out, you'll see). Of course, you can also find the most beautiful creature in existence - a unicorn, something so exceedingly rare, one must wonder if it's worth all the danger. Well, to every Adventurous Adam and Investigative Irene, it surely must be.
Sometimes, students want something different from a cat, rat, frog, or owl — maybe something bigger, more exotic, or just a special animal they call friend. Though most animals are allowed at Hogwarts, many of them can't stay in common room all day (and some can't stay in them at all!) Whether Fido needs a housing situation for the term or simply needs to be babysat while you're in class, you can drop him off here at the Pet Sanctuary. Here your pets will be placed into their appropriate environment (there is one for cats, dogs, horses etc.) and be taken care of by various Hogwarts staff throughout the day. Each animal enclosure is wide and open with plenty of room for treats, food, and getting their paws, hooves, feet dirty! They may remain here for as long as your stay in Hogwarts and you can pick them up any time you like.

Between classes, other students may drop by as well to say hello to all of Hogwarts's furry friends so don't be surprised if your pet recognizes someone you don't!
Aurora Leighton Aug 5 2018, 07:11 PM
Eleven green glass greenhouses in all stand far from the castle, filled to the brim with plants ready to be painstakingly cared for. There is a greenhouse for each year, three for personal student use - approved by the professor, of course! - and one for the professor's personal use. Though the educational greenhouses are usually organized in rows of tables, the ones for personal use are simply a maze of stalls, some obscured by overgrowth.
Not to be confused with the greenhouses, the gardens are open air and available to anyone quick enough to get a plot. A high hedge acts as a fence around the fertile soil and a large stone fountain - in the shape of three tiered roses - acts as a quick source of water for the fledgling plants.
Whether it be rolling hills of emerald or a cascade of white, the lawns are a large part of the Hogwarts grounds. Though most students only use them to wander to and from various locations, other students have learned that they are just as good a place to hang out as any other! Most outdoor events will take place on the lawns, given its vast space available!
Henrietta Woodbane Jul 30 2018, 10:55 PM
Ah, quidditch, the sport of champions with death wishes and violent tendencies. Here on the pitch you can get in a little practice with your friends and team, play an intense game against your fiercest rivals like you're in a sports anime, or cheer on your favorite team like you're an extra in a sports movie!
The Black Lake or the Great Lake - whatever you call it, it's still a giant lake, populated by a giant squid - that some say is a transfigured Godric Gryffindor which sounds a little conspiracy theory-ish to me, but you do you. Why a squid though, wouldn't he be a lion or a Gryffin? Anyway, it's a nice lake with a good beach, but definitely be wary when swimming. The merfolk can get a little pokey.
Kensington Winter Aug 13 2018, 04:43 PM
A bridge that crosses the lake. The main platform of it rests just a few inches above the water - no matter how high the lake gets. One might assume it is a floating bridge, but it is impossibly sturdy and it is apparent it has been charmed to always stay above the water but not... TOO far above the water. It is the lounging area of students prone to water activities and those fond of people prone to water activities.
Ishan Rao Jul 12 2018, 07:34 AM
Though usually this is only for the private use of the Astronomy classes, a good number of students have managed to find their way into this tower for their own use. Featuring wide panoramic windows, a large open cieling to look at the stars, and a floor covered in pillows, it's not hard to guess what extracurricular activities people get into up here.
Katinka de Dood Aug 13 2018, 04:51 PM
Snail Mail is a thing of the past, Owl Post is the only way to really make sure your letter gets somewhere. Sure, it's the 21st century and surely some wizard has at least figured out dialup, but nope, no e-mail for you. This tower houses both pet owls and school owls for use for all students and staff.
Davina Murphy Jul 24 2018, 10:01 AM
"By Gryffindor, the bravest were
Prized far beyond the rest"

Protected by a portrait of the Fat Lady, the only way to enter the Gryffindor Common Room is by knowing the correct password. They common room is spacious and inviting with red brick and tall rectangular windows making up the outer portion of the tower. Cozy red chairs and sofas, with large blankets and a roaring fireplace make this common room one of the coziest in the entire school. Follow the spiral staircases to the dormitories, and be careful. Once wouldn't want to fall down from the top!
Madeline Poe Aug 7 2018, 01:47 AM
"For Ravenclaw, the cleverest
Would always be the best"

If one is able to solve the riddle from the bronze eagle on the door to the Ravenclaw Common Room, they could, objectively, call it the most beautiful of all. It is round, wide, and airy with a tall domed cieling painted to look like the night sky. The cream-colored walls are old-world style with cathedral windows and everywhere you look, they are lined with bookshelves. Columns with brass eagles overlook the desks and loungers lit with blue lamps. The stairs to the dormitories match that same ancient marble feel.
Erik Dwight Aug 2 2018, 09:31 AM
No one at Hogwarts should ever claim that they don't know what time it is, as the clock tower keeps time perfectly to millisecond. Always there to alert students that they are going to be late to class if they don't spring, the bells chime on the hour, just five minutes before classes are to begin. You could go see see the bell and clock if you want, but may the world have pity on you if you're up there when it rings.
Mahala Evans Aug 13 2018, 08:53 PM
A magical village just a short walk from Hogwarts, Hogsmeade has just about everything anyone could want from eateries and shops and residences, it's a perfect magical haven. Pop into Honeydukes and get some delicious treats, or spend the afternoon with your sweetheart at Madam Puddifoots. Grab a butterbeer - or a firewhiskey - at the Three Broomsticks and grab some supplies to prank your friends at Zonko's! No matter what you're looking for, Hogsmeade will have it for you!
Just a short broom flight or apparation away from Hogwarts, Roskeld is the closest muggle village to Hogwarts. Some families of muggleborn students have chosen to move here to be closer to their magical family members. Some students enjoy taking trips to this town so they can charge their electronic devices, text their family, and check on their Farmville crops. Is Farmville still relevant? Instagram likes? I don't know what the kids are into these days.
Nestled in the heart of London, the Ministry of Magic is the hub of all things magical in the United Kingdom. A shining beacon of bureaucracy, there are multiple levels all dedicated to mandating and enforcing all the aspects of the lives of witches and wizards. If you're here, you either work here, know someone who works here, or have done something quite terrible. Here's hoping for the latter! You know, for the excitement.
Though most people know Diagon Alley as the area where Hogwarts students get their school suppies, it's actually a quite a busy shopping area no matter the time of year. From books to potion shops to a great place to get an ice cream sundae, if you're in London, a stop into Diagon Alley is just what you need to help your coin purse lose a little weight!
A block over from Diagon Alley, you find Knockturn Alley. Unlike it's brightly lit, useful cousin, this street is usually home to more unsavory shops, stocked with dark artifacts and objects and populated with people you wouldn't like to spend more that a brief interaction with as you tell them you've only got plastic, so sorry. Be careful of any purchases you make here, as you might get more than you bargained for.
All over the world there are magical village and domains that can be visited - including magical households out and about the world. Here, you can generally use magic underage as there's no way they Ministry will be able to figure out that it was you using it, but if you get in trouble that's on you, I didn't suggest a thing.
Ninlil Amar-Sin Aug 9 2018, 01:58 AM
Any place in the world with a high population of muggle strangers is considered a muggle domain. Here, you need to be exceptionally careful about using any magic because if a muggle saw you cast a spell, you could get in serious trouble! Unless they deserve it, in which case, I think the Ministry will go easy on you, but I'm just guessing, don't quote me on that.
Reade Hensley Aug 1 2018, 01:39 PM
Memories are the foundation on which our life experiences are built, but sometimes just telling the story isn't good enough. Have a go in the pensieve forum to play out the memories from the past and show the moments that shaped your character's life.
How does the story end, I wonder? This forum is where you can roleplay out the things that happen to your characters in the future, whether it's an awful tragedy or the happy ending they've always wanted. However, please do not godmod the future by creating a large scale event that others would be obligated to react to.
Are you dying to play out what would have happened if your character had zigged instead of zagged? Are you curious how your characters would fair if they were transported to the world of the Hunger Games? Do you have a notebook of headcanons for what mythical creature your character would be? In the AU forum, you can take your characters and place them into any alternate situation, whether its just a different path in the Harry Potter realm or a completely different universe altogether!
Lolo Aug 1 2018, 01:43 PM
This is a catchall forum for all things in-character things, such as personality tests, discussions about character development, in character quotes, and the like!
Inanna Amar-Sin Yesterday at 09:36 am
Sometimes the Cbox just isn't enough for all the conversations we want to have on the site! Here you can find threads dedicated to out-of-character discussions and games on all sorts of subjects!
Lacey Aug 13 2018, 01:02 PM
Looking to show off your graphic skills? Post up a gallery and show us your artistic talent - and maybe make some points as well if people want to buy graphics from you! If you're looking for graphics, why not come check out the talented folks Hexed has to offer?
DAY Yesterday at 12:29 pm
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