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T hank you so much to all these wonderful people! Except Noir. I am not thanking myself.

This skin and the pixel art used for shop badges & awards were made exclusively for Hexed by Noir. Please don't steal them! She isn't really good at either of these things and spent forever doing them ;_;

Please note that any content found on this site belong to their respective owners. If you see something of yours being used without proper credit or permission, please PM an admin so we can get things sorted out right away.

Autlaw for beautiful Hogwarts crests used in sorting
Avy For pixel references and inspiration
BLACK for custom forum structure
Coolors for color scheme!
Color Blender for mini profile colors
Caution & Shine for so so many tutorials, and basically teaching me to code!
Essi for Top & Bottom Profiles
FontAwesome for Icons
Illustrio for forum marker
Jawn For the highlight script
j4smini for the moon favicon!
Nicole / Thunderstruck for the Cbox Toggle

And its wonderful members!

24 - She/ Her - Admin - Skinner - PST/PTD
07.22Last week of summer school! I will be super busy this week, but after that I will be free for two whole weeks. POWER THROUGH.