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The Plot
Hexed is a Harry Potter roleplay forum set in an alternate universe. In simpler terms, we are a high school roleplay set in the wonderful universe created by J.K Rowling. However, Harry Potter, Voldemort, their battle, and everything in between them never existed, which leaves the plot and story of your original characters entirely in your hands! Between sitewides, other in-character and out-of-character opportunities, and the great community, there is always something fun to do or a new plot to pick up. In the end, however, what happens in the Hexed universe is entirely up to you. Your characters will follow their own stories and decide their own fates, and not have to worry about finding themselves in a perpetual, never-ending struggle.
The Concept
The staff of Hexed highly encourages members to create their own canons because we emphasize being a member-driven community. Essentially, we want this site to be based off of the Harry Potter universe, but to evolve into something so much more -- a place where tons of great ideas from different people can come together and fill out the rest of an already wonderful, well-thought out universe. Consequently, we have members earn the privilege to decide what is canon by rewarding their activity and general involvement with points which is an out-of-character currency for our board. Points are used to basically buy the rights to establish something as canon in Hexed (within certain limit of course!) as well as other cool things for your characters.
The Community
A lot of us come from different backgrounds and experiences, but in the end we gather here on Hexed to write and be happy. We don't want drama here, only a happy, thriving community where everyone feels welcome! Though drama is bound to happen, Hexed will do its best to keep the environment relaxed, friendly, and fun. In the end, we're all just a bunch of nerds united by our love of Harry Potter and writing after all. It's important to never forget that <3

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